QR Droid Features

qrdroid-featuresQR Droid is a complete QR Code scanner, QR decoder, QR Code generator and shopping assistant for your Android smartphone.

It’s the most full-featured QR processor available. If you’re not familiar with QR Codes yet, please read this to get more information.

at a glance

Scan QR Code

Scan QR Codes and Barcodes quickly and accurately.


QR Codes from saved images and URLs.


Register, login and checkout at websites with just a scan. It’s safe, fun and so easy to do. Look out for websites using Scan-to-Login™ from Zapper.


Create QR Codes for contact info and business cards, for events, locations, URLs, social media and much more.


Decode and use your QR Codes. Add contacts and calendar events to your smartphone, find and share locations using maps, send SMS, emails and more!


Share QR Codes with friends and family using Facebook, Email, Twitter and lots of other social channels.


Scan a QR Code, search for it online, read a review, compare prices and then buy it right from your smartphone!

Include in your App

Android developers can also use QR Droid’s technology by implementing ‘QR Droid Services’ for scanning and creating QR Codes in your own apps.